Affordable & Convenient Car Sharing

Available to all people, 18 and up

Prices begin at $5/hr or $25/day

Why rent with Lula?

Available to all people, 18 and up

Just have a

good driving record!

Affordable & Convenient

Prices begin at $5 an hour and $25 a day!

No Hidden Fees

No underage fees,

membership fees, or sign-up fees!


Whether you're traveling, on-campus, or just need a car, Lula allows you to rent by the hour or by the day!

List Your Car

Fully Insured

Your car is fully covered for any damages and comes with $1 million in liability insurance

A Fair Cut

You keep 75% of the rental price. It’s that simple. No other fees or unpleasant surprises.

Call the Shots

Our vetting process screens out bad drivers. We also offer an optional car tracker for added peace of mind.

Pricing Power

You are in full control: You set the rental price. You decide who rents your car and when.


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South Miami, Fl 33143

Suite #130


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