Business Kit for

Car Rental Companies

We provide the ultimate tool kit to manage fleets and facilitate rentals. Additionally, we provide all of the insurance coverage and tools necessary to operate a car rental company.

Fleet Management

With us, you can manage your fleet of vehicles, facilitate rentals, and communicate with your customers from a single platform.

Manage Fleet of Vehicles

Facilitate Rentals

Our Fleet Management tool allows you to upload vehicles within seconds, set pricing, determine vehicle availability, and list/delist vehicles instantly.

Fleet Owners can see their requests in real time, see who's renting their car along with the renter's previous ratings, and can accept or deny the request at your own discretion. Payments are also handled through the platform.

Makes Communication Easier

We provide you with the tools to communicate  with renters through our in-app messaging system. This will allow you to learn more about the renter before you accept their request.

More than


Apart from software to run your business, our Tool Kit includes:

Cut Costs


Our team is your team, and reduces

the need for you to spend on things like:

Fleet Insurance

Our insurance coverage protects your vehicles while they are being rented, or parked in your lot.

Renter Vetting

We utilize proprietary technology to make sure we only have the safest drivers renting your vehicles.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help with whatever you or your renters may need.

Claims Department

Our internal team handles all claims. We just require you fill out an incident report within 24 hours of the incident.

Marketing Team

Our team utilizes our unique marketing strategies, and relationships to drive as many rentals as you can handle.

Engineering Team

Our team has built, and continues to iterate all of the software you'll ever need to operate at a high rate.


Pricing is affordable and simple.


Per month, per car


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